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Liuc university prepares new sustainability engineers with the complicity of companies

Companies are paying always more attention to sustainability issues and are therefore looking for workers with deep skills in this area.

Liuc University took up the challenge and opened a course specifically dedicated to the green economy. It trains future engineers, preparing them to manage innovation processes with the necessary focus on sustainability. Students learn how to create new-generation plastics from raw materials and recycling.

Aurora Magni, owner of the course aimed at second year students, explains: "LIUC was among the first Italian universities to dedicate a teaching to sustainability issues and our students not only show a keen interest in the topics covered, but they are well aware of the importance that environmental protection and corporate social responsibility have assumed in the economy. Thinking about how to build a new development model is certainly not a mere academic exercise".

But what concern this degree?

This Master’s Degree in Management Engineering aims to overcome the division between humanistic and scientific cultures by allowing students to customize the curriculum by choosing from the following transversal paths: Sustainability, Critical Thinking, Experience.

By choosing the path of Sustainability the student prepares for the challenges of Sustainable Development. Overcoming these challenges is an essential feature that every Management Engineer must possess today to take companies and society towards the achievement of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Sustainability is addressed in its three main components: Economic, Environmental and Social. This is done through the core teachings they have in Sustainability applied to the disciplines and challenges of Management Engineering their main theme, and through methodological and sector teachings that offer the opportunity to "put into action" the various contents with practical experiences (e.g. participation in seminars, events, focus groups, contests, projects) and cases.

The university has been able to exploit the restrictions caused by the pandemic to their advantage, by introducing new business contributions thanks to online teaching. During the lessons the students had the opportunity to compare the theoretical themes with the experiences of companies and dialogue with some protagonists of the Italian green economy. The experts involved, explains Aurora Magni, "have been very good in understanding how the production process - from design to choice of materials; from the adoption of performance evaluation and reporting methodologies to product end-of-life programming - based on scientific approaches and integrated supply chains". In favour of sustainability, the course insists on the need to adopt rigorous methods in order to make a better CSR (corporate social responsibility). Management engineers can make a strong contribution in this direction.


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