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Safilo New Sunglasses Lenses for Higher Sustainability

Evonik supplies new “Trogamid myCX eCO” lenses to reduce 50% carbon footprint.

Safilo is an Italian company, an international leader in the design, production, and distribution of eyewear. It has recently confirmed its commitment to environmental sustainability by renewing its partnership with the German chemical industrial group Evonik. It will supply new lenses for sunglasses, made of a material called Trogamid myCX eCO. This version is a more environmentally sustainable alternative to the previous Trogamid myCX, which Evonik has been supplying thus far.

The material is a transparent polyamide, but its eco-sustainability comes from the exclusive use of renewable energy for granulate production, and the substitution of 40% of the raw material with a bio-based monomer. In total, these two operations allow for a 50% reduction in carbon footprint, compared to traditional Trogamid myCX. eCO stands for "eliminate CO2".

This microcrystalline polyamide guarantees high purity and performance, as well as durability, safety, and comfort, having the same qualities and properties as the traditional material Evonik has been producing. The lenses will be integrated into the Boss Spring Summer 22 collection, starting in January 2022, and will subsequently be part of other products in Safilo's portfolio.

"Sustainability is an essential part of Safilo's corporate philosophy and is firmly rooted in our business strategy: this is why our partnership with an undisputed leader in specialty chemicals such as Evonik continues to be so important to test new sustainable materials and accelerate the evolution of our industry," claims Vladimiro Baldin, chief licensed brand, and global product officer of Safilo Group.

With increased commitment and funding from companies and the European Union, it would be possible to improve the choice of materials and move towards 100% recycled ones. Also, the use of biopolymers mixed with normal ones will not help the recycling capability of the product at the end of its life.



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